Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Educause Mobile Learning Issue

The latest issue of Educause Quarterly (EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 34, Number 1, 2011) features mobile-based learning system.

It can be found here:

What I find interesting from these articles is how mobile learning is being defined not so much by a mobile phone, but by any technology that improves communications between content, teacher, and student. Some of this relates to the notion of ubiquitous learning namely:
- More social networked type communications
- Learning occurring in highly contextual environments
- Collaborative-based learning
- Information access anytime/anywhere

Of note, is the article by Higdon et al(2011), where they discuss a research project that involved the development of the student response system called ChimeIn. ChineIn functions beyond the typical 'Clicker' system allowing for collection of student data beyond the multiple choice question structure. It also works with any mobile device (laptop, smartphone, or any SMS phone). Its a clean interface and provides instance data via word clouds or pie charts.

Mobile systems are evolving towards something more than just a phone. These articles provide some insight into this evolution.


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