Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Change

Now is the time for change - now is the time to move beyond what I have become and create something new. This may be a new identity, a new attitude, or just a part of who I am (in a new form).

The change involves moving from my hometown of Chicago (for the 2nd time) to Syracuse New York. My girlfriend and I are relocating so that I may be able to attend graduate school at SU School of Education in Instructional Development Design and Evaluation (IDD&E) specializing in learning technologies.

This move and new commitment is a big step for me, but I see the new learning opportunity as a way to gain some real university experience as a full time student for once in my life. That is, other than work related to my program, I plan on trying not to hold down a job while I study.

My overarching goal through this experience is to create new opportunities for both exciting employment and adventure.