Thursday, February 24, 2011

Army training using a mobile app

I just found this article on written by Matthew Humphries, which presents readers with the concept behind several mobile training app designed by the company C2 Technologies. From what I can tell, the objective of these apps is to teach soldiers who work on Patriot Mission how to do their jobs. From the screen shot, it looks like they are using a 3D simulation of the equipment.

Here is the article...

The writer concludes the article by saying, "Although we can see the benefit of training away from the actual missile launching system, we do hope trainees get some extended time with the actual equipment as well before having to use it for real."

I can acknowledge that Matthew Humphries is probably being humorous, but his comments brings up a good point on simulations and capabilities of mobile-based learning. One would expect that the mobile training is an extension of the hands-on training, perhaps as a way to introduce newbies to the system by teaching them some of the basics. Its akin to studying lab work through a virtual lab, then doing a similar experiment in an actual lab.

I am interested in what sort of instructional design process is taking place at C2 Technologies. Are they mostly developers there and do they employee an instructional designer?

Sounds like a fun job!

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Kevin Forgard said...

What'da know...its the first job posted on C2 Tech's website: