Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mobile training ideas

This new year has sprouted some excellent beginnings. Quite appropriate I must say for being the new year and all. In one such prospect, our team is tasked with doing a needs analysis of a corporate level training system. One of the organization's leaders is interested in seeing how new technologies, such as mobile-based learning, might be a viable option as part of a new learning/content management system (LMS/CMS).
Being freshly educated in needs analysis research techniques, I looked in some recent writings by Rossett, who reminds readers to think about how front-end analysis data can help define what sorts of data is needed to track later evaluations. This is one of the keys to my current project, where stakeholders are interested in knowing what sorts of training learners are accessing and how this effects their productivity (Rossett, 2010).

The good news here is that such a mobile-based system is already in place in of all places Amway (Bunzel, 2010). The Amway system allows users to access product information, potential client concerns, and track their sales progress. As far as I can tell, their system is one of the first M-LMS.

Bunzel (2010). Live Online Training that Works: Strategies for High Impact Learning and Development.

Rossett (2010). Metrics Matters: Technology changes the face of learning and development. How does it change analysis and evaluation. Found on her website.

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