Monday, November 1, 2010

A career aligned with e-learning trends

Thanks to the blog posting by Anne Lucas: for posting this earlier:

What are the trends in e-learning? 

Over the past 2 years now, since I began my instructional design studies, I have had the opportunity to work with or at least study somewhat most of these trends. Most notable are:

  • Mobile technologies - for instance my work with the iAdvocate 'App'
  • Simulations in e-learning - work with my main client SRC here in Syracuse in developing training that simulates new employees learning the culture of working with secure information
  • Serious Gaming & Augmented Reality - I designed a prototype mobile AR app that teaches students campus safety
The other trends which I have been watching closely include:
  • Open source e-learning tools - more Moodle type programs
  • Blended learning - its not so much of an either/or debate, but both. Mobile learning defiantly has potential as a blended learning tool
  • The changes to LMS - these technologies are one really just an iteration in e-learning and will hopefully change to fit into better learning design
One last prediction that Anne Lucus doesnt mention which I would like to add is the notion of e-portfolios or personal learning environments. These kind of depositories of coursework, thoughts, and collaborative reflections are, in my opinion, emerging as viable e-learning tools.

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