Monday, October 4, 2010

Extended Description

As I was typing up the header, I realized that my description was a little too long. However, I think that it is important to post my rationale. Here is the extended description:

This blog is dedicated my doctoral studies in instructional design applied to mobile learning and e-learning design.

However, I am biased!

As with so many other educational based technological interventions, mobile learning is a solution seeking a problem and therefore needs close examination and empirical research.

As more and more learning ‘apps’ are being developed, it is important to ask if mobile learning just a fad, or the beginning of a movement?

My motivation to study mobile learning is based on the fact that:
1.     I think the technology is sexy, cutting-edge, and a wide-open niche ripe for research.
2.     I assume that people want to learn with mobile technologies and will do so more and more in the future.
3.     More learning will be mobile in the future so it is best to establish myself as an early adopter and pioneer.
4.     As with e-learning design, instructional design principles will play a role in mobile learning design, but they will also need to adapt.
5.     I believe that mobile learning is a catalyst for a learning paradigm shift towards a more 21st century educational philosophy.

In essence, this blog is intended as a place for me to reflect on ideas and intellectual challenges related to my studies in mobile learning design.

Please feel free to comment on my thoughts, biases, and beliefs. The challenge of a doctoral level education is about both focusing studies and also learning to be an objective researcher. No practitioner in the educational community benefits when ideas are purported without a proper critique and through analysis.

In other words: Less cheer-leaders and more research-leaders.

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